Why should patients choose you?

by Tom Garfield

Why should patients choose you? You in particular?

When potential patients need treatment and consider their options, they’ll be looking for things to help narrow down their search. They’ll need to see compelling reasons to pick one provider over the other.

As a healthcare provider, It’s not enough to be well-qualified, experienced, friendly or even have good treatment results. You’re all (hopefully) able to claim those things. You need to move beyond that and communicate your unique positive attributes.

You need to promote qualities that go beyond the standard expectations.

Benefits beyond standard expectations

To stand out from the crowd you need compelling reasons to pick you above others. There are lots of ways to do this.

Here are three areas that might help you to think through how you can differentiate yourself to your potential patients.

Qualifications & Expertise

🏅 Do you have a unique qualification or have you completed a piece of training that gives you more expertise in a specific treatment?

If you do, you’ll need to think carefully about how best to communicate this to the patient. They need to understand why it’s good for them, not just that you have completed a course etc.

If you’ve recently attained a qualification in a specific form of treatment, why not publish a blog post on your website and promote it on social media to explain the journey you went on, why you decided to do it, what it means for patients that need the treatment you can now offer, and why you specifically are now best placed to offer that treatment.

🎯 When it comes to specific expertise, perhaps you’re more niche than others in your speciality, focusing on one specific area which means you’re the “go-to” for that condition?

If you are focused, you’ll eliminate a large portion of your competition. You’ll become the obvious choice for a smaller set of patients that want a more specific expert in their individual condition.

I specialise in healthcare marketing for consultants, therapists and other healthcare providers. That allows me to talk very specifically to a much smaller audience, but when I do communicate, it’s much more relevant to the people I am hoping to work with.

Then, when your target audience compares you to a more generic provider, the choice becomes much easier and more obvious.

Your personality

Who you are as a person is particularly unique. Being yourself, and presenting yourself as a real genuine and authentic person can mean the right types of patients warm to you and develop an affinity for you.

We don’t need everyone to like us, but we do need some people to like us. That’s why and having a personality is better than trying to please everyone and ending up boring. You’ll end up not appealing to anyone at all and be forgettable.

So, showing who you are through your online presence via social media, your website, videos and pictures will help position you as a unique and more memorable individual. That goes a long way in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Think about your unique benefits and work out how to communicate those things so they resonate deeply with your potential patients.

Customer service & patient experience

Thinking through your patient experience might allow you to communicate some unique benefits of your practice too.

If you’ve got a particularly good approach to customer service and you’ve got an incredibly good practice manager, then make sure you communicate this online. It might be through a video that features your practice manager too, explaining the patient journey and your dedication to their experience both as a patient and as a customer.

Communicate the benefits so the patient gets it

It is really important for you to think through the benefits of choosing you as they relate to the patient’s needs. Translating medical expertise and training into understandable benefits is critical.

Also, put yourself in your patient’s shoes and think about what the patient would want to know in order to choose me.

If you’re interested in getting help with some of that stuff, then feel free to get in touch.

About Tom Garfield

Tom Garfield is a Healthcare Marketing Specialist. He works with Doctors, Therapists, Clinics and Hospitals to generate more enquiries and appointments through their websites. He’s been improving website conversion rates since 2009 and has helped over 200 healthcare providers grow their businesses.